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How do you lay out your duty belt?

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    After adding the spare taser cartridge holder to the taser holster, I realized that my Safariland belt was getting difficult to manage with that flap. So, I ended up picking up a Bianchi accumold duty belt with the center buckle.

    *sorry for the poor picture quality, I ended up using my camera phone.
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      Our Police like to use Utility vests for general duty like street patrols.

      I've attached some pictures, you can get plain or ones with SECURITY on them.

      Apparently they're much better than belts because they really equal out all of the weight. I wouldn't know but apparently the cops love 'em

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        'Nuff said.


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            Aren't those British utility (duty) designs integrated with a 'stab-proof' vest?
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              My Current Belt Set-Up

              Ok...Here's the current rundown:

              1200- buckle, partially hidden by gut
              300- keys to my truck, house, etc.
              315- cell phone
              900- company nextel garbage
              left hand- 6D cell Mag Lite



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                On the strong side, nothing but the gun.

                On the support side everything else{extra mags, baton,OC, Strion flashlight}

                In the back, cuffs.{and 4 sets of flex cuffs in the integral pockets of the Safariland belt itself}


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                  Originally posted by Maelstrom View Post
                  Aren't those British utility (duty) designs integrated with a 'stab-proof' vest?

                  Hit the nail on the head there, two combined into one.

                  I'll be buying one once the cops here stop being so pushy about uniforms

                  I think the high vis one looks awsome but I'd prefere a more low vis approach.
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                    These three uniforms in this picture is usual to what our Police wear, now Guards over here wear pretty much the exact same... just no the stabby vest unless you're guarding MI5... oh and also no police patches.

                    Here's a coppa in their high vis

                    Notice their caps, guards over here wear the same type so it's easy to confuse us with cops if we're wearing low vis uniform and the security badge isn't well displayed and adding a police style stabby to the mix will only cause problems... for guards. :P concealed is the way to go for Bouncers, most definately.

                    This guy is a Guard and as you can see, he looks very much like a cop.
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                      Dressing in similar 'garb' as Police should've been prevented by your legislature & security industry administrative bodies, FWIW there are OTHER colours of hi-vis apparel too you know!
                      Why should they prevent it?


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                        I would've thought the need to prevent confusion within the population over who was security and who is Police was obvious?
                        The only reason for the 'need' for the distinction is apparently that civvies cannot read. In Texas, it doesn't seem to be an issue. I don't know about the rest of the US, but if one state can handle, how hard can it be? Shouldn't everyone be aware of the difference between the words "Security" and "Police"?

                        I see a rent-a-cop,S/O, whatever and I think "hey, he's a security professional." I see someone with clothing clearly marked POLICE and I think "Hey, he must be a cop." Reeeal challenging. Some will say that the distinction could be harder in a stressful situation like an emergency. So what? If you come to an S/O looking for an LEO, the S/O can still help you.

                        isn't that the reason for regulatory bodies... to regulate?
                        No, the reason for regulatory bodies is to make money for the members of said body.
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                          The reason for regulatory bodies is the protect the citizens of the state of _____________ from unlicensed activity. To do this, they need money. A lot of money. Millions of dollars worth. Every year.
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                            guards should wear the same stuff but should also have to constantly wear a rather large SECURITY badge on their backs (like the one in my picture) and a smaller version on the front of their uniform.

                            Highly visible and reflective for night time.
                            The only difference between the Police caps and Security Caps is that police ones have that annoying Black and White square pattern.

                            Whilst I was guarding comet I get to wear a Security baseball cap which had Security on the front and a smaller Security on the left side of the bill.

                            And yes... does look like a promotional picture for the bill

                            You guys get those sort of programmes over there? trust me... it's not as dramatic as it all looks :P
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                              While I think that security guards should look distinct from police and other LEOs, I think that part of the problem is that there is no consensus within the LEO community or even within local police departments concerning their uniforms. Heck, in your United States I've seen frontline police with black shirts, navy blue shirts, "chief wiggum blue" shirts, light blue shirts, grey shirts, white shirts and tan shirts. I've seen just about every colour of pant stripe, badge type, shoulder patch type and hat type available. I think that if the police are so concerned about security looking like them they need to get together and develop a single "police uniform", with similar shirt colours, hat type, pant stripe, shoulder patch, badge type, etc. That way, it would be simple for security companies to avoid the "police uniform" while being able to dress in a way that maintains the shared but distinct uniform styles between private security and law enformement.


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                                Duty Gear Lay-Out....Hmmmmm Pretty basic for me. My radio has a belt clip attatched so when I'm out of the truck I clip it on usually on my back. --

                                9:00 - Shift Keys {Pretty big ring about 20 keys}
                                8:00 - Glove Pouch
                                3:00 - Utility Knife {In case}
                                Pair of Leather Work Gloves right rear pocket {Oil Refineries are dirty places}

                                Everything else I may need is in my truck {Flash-Lights and Stuff}

                                Now we do have a guy that wears the truck on his belt {You catch my drift....You know the Bat-Man Belt....Loaded with everything he'll never use}
                                If we were armed he'd have no place for his weapon or cuffs.....But if you need spare flash-light batteries....he's got a pouch for that