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perfect badge cleaner..

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  • perfect badge cleaner..

    so i made an experiment, a few weeks ago i was given badge, it was grimmy and green and not very shinny, so i took some of my bore cleaner put it on a toothbrush and its clean and shinner then it was when it was new. which suprised me, because i though either two things using it would wreck the badge, or it wouldnt work at all but it did its job better then i expected my husband commented how nice my badge looked.
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    Bore cleaner will rip right through any protective lacquer coating that a reputable badge company puts on it. So will most solvents.

    If you are issued a POS badge, then yes, something like bore cleaner (a powerful degreasing solvent) will work for awhile. Till it eats the cheap metal plating of the badge away.

    If your badge says SymbolArts, Blackinton, etc... Exposing it to something as harsh as bore cleaner will destroy it, void the warranty, etc.

    Generally, warm soapy water, then drying it, should do it. They should be sealing the badge with a protective clearcoat, anyway.
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      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier View Post
      Generally, warm soapy water, then drying it, should do it.
      Thats what I use. Works great!
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        I use Never-Dull for all my accessories; since far as I've read, it leaves a slight protective coat over the affected area; I've taken my stock Security Enforcement badges with the the blank space at the bottom, applied my new radio number in that space, and clearcoated it with clear nail polish...

        No adverse results yet... and it is custom just enough to stand out from your average Officer issue badge...
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