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copy of keys with do not duplicate on them

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  • copy of keys with do not duplicate on them

    well i know its very easy to do, as long as you have a good reason to do so, my question is, why do locksmith duplicate them if they are stamped do not duplicate ? and how often have you gotten a duplicate of do not duplicate keys ? i know i have had building keys wear out and have taken them down to be duplicated and or replaced with building management approval, many are stamped with do not duplicate, some have color rings around them for in house identifaction that sometimes cover up the do not duplicate, other the keys are so old that some of the words are worn off, and yet others have a solid stamp on them easy to read DO NOT DUPLICATE, i know lots of locksmiths ignore this but you think the would not do so.. since it says dont duplicate....

    how many times have you guys ran into this ? reason i ask is numerous times i find the janitoral crews, have keys they arent supposed(personal sets) to have , ive asked how they got them they said they got copies made at xxxxxxxx hardware store... it is a liabilty ive also known guards that have done the same thing.
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    Wow! I feel this is a complete breach of security and that a key control system needs to be in place. For example, I have keys issued to me as a Supervisor, none of which are marked "DO NOT DUPLICATE" nor do I care to duplicate them anyhow. We also have 1 set of keys each for the exterior patrol and interior patrol that MUST be signed out from the dispatcher each shift. You also must sign out patrol vehicle keys as well. Most keys are engraved with various letters so officers and staff know what they go to. People like me who are issued keys are recorded and each key is documented.

    I think you should notify a Supervisor and management. There should only be x amount of keys that are not marked "DO NOT DUPLICATE" so they can be copied in case of loss or wear & tear and that management should retain these "master" keys. Furthermore, check your local laws to make sure there are laws against duplicating marked keys and the area locksmiths, hardware stores be made aware they cannot copy these.
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      Locksmiths aren't required to care about markings like that. It is up to the security force and facilities management department to ensure that unauthorized personnel can't open doors.

      While I'm not sure about confiscating someone's illicit set of keys (You are not the government, after all, you cannot seize their personal property...), you can deny the keys entry and the person going along for the ride.
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        Or a better solution might me to go with a HID system, or if money doesn't allow for that, a restricted keyway lock such as Abloy or Medeco.
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          It is supposed to be for controlled issue of keys. Some keying systems are extremely unique to some suppliers and others have a recorded code that is supposed to be completed with new blanks being cut and recorded. Yes you pay big big big dollars for this service but you also still cannot ensure that a dodgy locksmith or rank amateur is not going to have a go as well.

          1 building I had hired alot of casuals and the keys were issued by me as the contracted manager but the security staff did passes unless they were bulked up for a massive influx of new cards. When some of the casual staff would leave, some mongrels would go through their keys and take off what they wanted for access to store-rooms, etc. I would simply change the locks and stop them from accessing key areas. Problem solved. I prefer a combination, PIN / BIOMETRIC or BIOMETRIC / KEY lock to solve some of these problems.
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            At the construction site I was working they didn't give us any keys. I didn't need them ftmp. Doing my rounds I found one newly installed lock with the keys in it. Very interesting, the key was uncut but functional. I'm guessing that after construction is over they'll come and rekey everything.


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              Originally posted by NRM_Oz View Post
              It is supposed to be for controlled issue of keys. Some keying systems are extremely unique to some suppliers and others have a recorded code that is supposed to be completed with new blanks being cut and recorded.
              AFAIK Bi-lock (and similar) keys can only be cut/issued with client authorisation, not a bad design but a little weak IMHO especially with the wear-n-tear keys can and do receive... the Abloy keys look more durable
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                The building that live in has "do not duplicate" Medeco key's. I hope people take it seriously as I like where I live, not anyone can get a key and if you lost one it costs 50 bucks for a new one, so DONT LOOSE YOUR KEY!

                Unfortunately rules, advisories, and DO NOT'S, only keep honest people honest. Flash the right bills infront of a dishonest key cutter and I'm sure they will do it...

                The one good thing I can say about dishonest people is that they keep us employed..... And set us apart.

                I can relate to your frustration Utah I would be asking the same even though it sounds rather simple to you and me.
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                  I have made copies of several keys that were marked DO NOT DUPLICATE, and I was never questioned by the locksmithing outfits why I wanted them. (By the way all were approved to be duplicated, but it still surprised me.)


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                    Bi-Locks are legendary and a pain when someone loses a key (I have replaced many locks and kept the single keys for special needs only to find the keys a few months later). A few concept stores asked for biometric locks on fitting rooms due to the personalised service on customers and the concerns of missing keys = lost sales when customers will not wait around for lost keys. But what does erk me is duplicate keys not recorded or keys copied without permission (even a petty cash tin with 5 spare keys) was removed and replaced with a bi-lock padlock due to the theft of $1000 in petty cash 1 month.
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                      Proper key control is so important, but most people don't give it a thought.

                      A better lock (using keys, or not) is always on the horizon, just like the proverbial better "mouse trap."


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                        I also have DNC keys copied but one was for the Medico security system couldn't be copied. Simply wouldn't fit in the key grinders. The medico company would send out a local authorized lock smith to change the lock and reinstall a new barrel. The blanks were unique and not worth stocking nor distributed to unauthorized Smithies.

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