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SAP gloves.

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  • SAP gloves.

    I just got a pair of really good leather gloves with what feels like lead shot along the back of the had up to the first knuckles. They DEFINITELY protect my hands from impact, but even in a state like Texas I have to ask if they are even legal? Any thoughts?
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    Check It Out!

    You need to IMMEDIATLY check with the Texas version of a penal code to determine if you can even posess the gloves, then find out about carrying them.

    In California it is a felony just to have them, forget about the carrying part.

    If you find out that the are illegal in Texas, even to have them, I'd suggest you get rid of them quickly, probably first cutting them to pieces, and disposing of the pieces separately. Do I sound paranoid? Is a felony conviction something you can live with.


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      What are SAP gloves?
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        Originally posted by FireEMSPolice View Post
        What are SAP gloves?
        Lead Filled Gloves, meant to be more effective in self defense...

        BTW. California outlaws why live there?


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          Why live in California?

          Well, for one thing, if you are a police officer you can carry lots of other good stuff.

          Secondly, the pay in California is often pretty good, and you can retire at a fairly good rate, as I did.