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  • Meat and 2 Veg Protection

    Sorry ladies but this is 1 for the blokes to answer. DO any of you or have you ever had to or have worn protecton for your "Meat and 2 Veg" (Crotch Area) during the completion of your duty ?

    Ok in English - have you ever worn a box, hector protector, a cup, a nut protector or a tackle box whilst on duty ?

    A former partner and neighbour use to swear he wore them back in his bouncer days in the 80's to stop the kicks into the nether regions and I admit I did a few rough places in my youth where a "shot at goal" was not uncommon when you got into a biffo, but apart from my baseball playing days (you only get hit once to never forget to wear one) have never worn anything to protection the "Meat and 2 Veg".
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    Back in the late 60's and early 70's, many of us wore athletic protective cups to keep us from incapacitating injuries. For wives whose families were abundantly blessed, such injuries would have been considered a blessing.
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