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  • Extreme cold weather gear

    Anyone have tryed Rothco ECWCS parka and wellco cold extreme boot im searching for new cold weather clothing for my long candian winter nigth patrol

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    Might be necroposting, but both are decent. Ebeco makes my current duty jacket, and with the liner it is more than adequate here in Alaska. 5.11 5-in-1 Patrol jackets are also authorized and are very comfortable and WARM as well.

    Boots, I wore that style in the military, I currently wear Rocky Pursuaders with 800 grams of thinsulate per. Nice and cozy, even with walking in snow/standing on ice for a large part of my patrol duties.
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      We're not nazis about necro here. As long as it brings something new to the table, a user can post in a necro thread.

      Note for those going huh? Necro is when you post in a topic that's "old." Some sites consider as little as "not on front page" as old. Others consider 6 months old as necro.

      So long as you contribute something worthwhile, we won't yell at you and lock the thread.
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        Well, that's a refreshing take on the subject!

        BTW: ECWCS is meant to be used as a layered system. Originally intended for use with polypro long underwear, now used with the Lightweight Environmental Protection System.

        With just an ECWCS jacket, you're going to be a bit chilly. It's not insulated. You will WANT to wear long underwear underneath your regular "duty" uniform, plus I would also recommend taking into account whatever duty gear you are wearing. If I were to wear ECWCS at my current duty position, I would have to put my duty belt on over it, because it's a parka length jacket and would restrict access to my sidearm and various toys on my "bat-belt" so to speak.

        I forget what the actual temperature ratings are, but with just the jacket you're good to like 20 degrees or something like that, then with polypro (Worn in lieu of uniform top and bottom!!!) you are good to about -20 depending on level of exertion. That's if you wear it as designed.

        Hope that helps, your mileage may vary
        Overmotivated and Underpaid... I'm a Security supervisors wet dream...