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I need a new belt to wear with a suit.

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  • I need a new belt to wear with a suit.

    Ok an unusual topic but I do need to replace `old faithfull` after 15 years of continuous service. I had a jeans belt that I used under my suits for years and need something stylish with a 1 inch width and good quality (not the rubbish from Kmart). I used to know of a good brand but lost the catalogue a few years ago moving house and am willing to pay the $$$ to get this from o/seas if necessary.

    As I work in the corporate world I need to look smart but I also carry the usual array of mobile phones, ID cards, etc and the occassional radio for special event work. Would appreciate any advice or hints.
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    Gucci makes mens leather belts, they have a nice one for about $365. That's about as far from "K-mart rubbish" as you get I think.
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      This is the one I use, very nice, and heavy duty.
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        Try LL Bean - quality products plus you can always return it if you are unsatisfied, no questions asked.
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          These look as though they'd fit the bill IMHO...

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            I have one from Dutyman I've worn for about 13 years now...On duty to attach my duty belt to, and at home/out and about. I figure, from the looks of it, it's got about another 10 years or so. It's a black "basketweave garrison" belt, 1.5 inches wide.


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              WOW so many choices and I actually found another belt for about $125 US that will do fine. I have another one on order that is really designed for jeans but looks very smart. I have also ordered some stuff from Galls and Streichers (make note to never look at US sites with a credit card in same room).

              The bloody suit trousers on most are 1.25" loops so I cannot run a Garrison belt (I wish I could) and this is notorious on 1 suit I bought for the night I asked my wife to marry me (bloody loops were too small for my belt) so I had to hitch the belt over the top (hiding it with my coat).

              As I said, I sometimes carry a small radio, PDA mobile and 2nd mobile so need to be able to gear up quickly but not loose my trousers in the process so consider the money spent on a belt that lasted me 15 or so years to be a very good investment.
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