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The Rreason For Tools I Have

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  • NRM_Oz
    Envy !!

    Cap`n K ......... I am envious. During a national disaster you are lucky to find anyone here in security with anymore than a 1/2 chewed pen, a piece of paper and an almost flat mobile phone. Like your police I was always trained to have a duty bag ready for work use only with everything I needed in it but with the car it was a plastic crate with the right gear for the job in the boot (trunk).

    A good friend of mine in the USA filled up his sheriffs truck with as H2O, MRE's, Ammo, tarpaulins, weapons, clothing and hygeine items including first aid stuff (I saw the pics) before heading south with his son (a deputy) to help out where they could. The LE's appreciated the extra ammo and supplies and most inportant a change of dry under clothes was appreciated more than anything (they were all new items). He came back empty a week later only to rally another 4 trucks to bring more supplies for the LE's and lone security staff watching retailers.
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    started a topic The Rreason For Tools I Have

    The Rreason For Tools I Have

    Originally Posted by CorpSec
    That is quite the assortment of stuff for the trunk. I knew the crime in Louisana was bad, but I had no idea!

    What kind of vehicle has a trunk big enough for all that gear? I didn't see the hand crank radio for listening to Art Bell listed.

    Is all that your personal stuff or are you the equipment guru for your company?

    The vehicle is 1994 Caprice the trunk big enough for 3 bodys and stlll have some room left over.

    Crime has always been bad here. at one point our death rate was higher then Iraq . PLus we been Number 1 in murders for many year as well as rape and armed robbery

    I"m company Guru i do little of everything sights , ammo ,signs, radio's
    The reason why I have something of this things. When I was working hurricane katrina not after the strom but I rode the strom out in my car infront store. After the strom past about 4 or 5 hours I had police come ask me what i'm doing there? I Showed id stated reason why i'm there then have them tell me I'm on my own and asked if i had any spare ammo ? Remenber what you saw on tv was about half of it.
    Now for the flash bangs and tear gas the plan for that. Is let them looting the store I can't shot people for tv's and xbox 360s even tho we were under marshal law . So let them roll in then throw tear gas in flash bang in as they come out zip cuff them.