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  • audio recording/body mics?

    I'm looking for a inexpensive solution to always-on audio recording. I'm running into a lot of situations where I have to interact with more and more people on site (I patrol section 8 housing), and due to the attitudes of the people around here, I'm thinking it's a good idea to maintain an audio record of interactions I have with people, as it's fairly easy for a family of 5 to twist a story around.

    Right now I'm thinking the cheapest way of doing this is to have a digital audio recorder in a pouch on my duty belt or BDU pants pocket connected to an appropriate mic on my epaulette. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject, especially if you have experience or knowledge on this.

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    I would not have one running all the time. There are situations (bathrooms) that one does not need entered into a legal record (someone will subpoena that thing.)

    Verify its legal to have an audio recording device running without gaining consent. Verify its legal to have an audio recording device running in a tenant's unit.

    Basically, this thing could get you arrested on felony charges.
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      I'd say you're close to a good setup, although I'm not sure you really want "always-on"? I mean, unless you never pee or do "the other thing" during a shift, there's probably some "noises" you make, and some conversations with colleagues, cell phone, etc., that you wouldn't want recorded. And, your colleagues might not exactly appreciate thinking everything they say in your vicinity will be recorded, either. I believe there are setups where a switch on the mike will turn recording on and off, and that's probably what I'd look for.

      Plus, it's no fun trying to find that conversation on a recording that consists of you chomping on a sandwich, driving or walking around for ?? minutes at a time, etc.

      There's a lot of "wearable" audio and video recording equipment at but if you find something there check for better prices elsewhere.

      Another issue is that you'll need a way to offload the audio and archive it at the end of each shift. For voice, you can use a fairly low bit-rate recording speed and compression; otherwise the voice files can eat up a lot of hard drive space in a hurry.

      You'll want to start each shift with a brief statement of the date and time, and periodically record "time checks" as well, especially if you don't run "always-on".

      And, of course, you probably can't do this at all if you're in a "two-party consent" state. Some legal advice might not hurt in any case.
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        I have a digi corder that bought from Walmart. Put it in the duty shirt pocket and call it a day.
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          I want to buy a digital audio recorder (Olympus VN-960PC) but I dont know which of these mics to get? Can anyone help?

          I work in a busy mall. I do know the recorder will fit loosely in a single mag pouch for a Glock and snug in a single mag pouch for a Sig Sauer. I have no room for any more crap in my pockets and would rather carry it on my belt and clip the mic on my shirt.
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            I use a sony digital voice recorder, I just put it in my shirt pocket. It only weighs a few ounces.
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              Jsut thro wit in your shirt pocket and forget about the mic altogether. Shouldn't really need it. Mine works fine sans mic...