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How high Boots to get?

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  • How high Boots to get?

    Ive just done all my courses, and should get my license soon.
    Need to buy some black boots...
    There are heaps of different sizes/lengths... how high should you get them?
    Im looking at SWATS atm

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    Could depend on how high or deep the doodo is. Welcome to the site.

    I know you all were thinking that.
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      Although Security Consultant's coment was tongue in check, there is some truth to it. Where do you work. If you work at a muddy construction site site then you will want something tall. If you are in an office setting a pair of uniform oxfords would be fine. Personally I like 6"-8" boots, as they give good support to the ankles.
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        Personally I like 6"-8" boots, as they give good support to the ankles
        +1, I use to wear Hi-tec Magnums, before I switched to Nike boots. Which, by the way are sooooooo (expletive) comfortable. Anyway, years back I was in a foot chase with county police. Slipped and twisted the (expletive) out of my ankle. Ended up in the ER with a ankle the size of a softball, doc told me that the boots helped, or else it would have been much worse.
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          +2, I wear 6" Brazos Jungle boots. For $20, they can't be beat!
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            I wear the 8 inch high Rocky zippered side boots.

            Be safe,

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              i wear danner acadia boots, 6 Inch, i dont like low cut boots if you ever have to walk in snow, dirt, higher cut 6-10 inch boots are the way to go.
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                Rocky 2090 10" Zippered boot


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                  Buy a cheap pair, first. If you haven't quite 'started' security yet, never know if you're even going to like it.


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                    What Type Boot I Wear

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                    CAPTAIN KOOLAID 9594

                    oh ya


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                      Personal Preferences

                      Depends on what your like and can afford. I personally stick with 10 inch boots as they are versatile and are the standard for BDU's or cargo uniform pants. I would listen to the poster who said buy a cheap pair first.

                      Having sped hundreds of newbies (2000 Olympics was bad enough) to tell them to get a pair of cheap BLACK hiking boots and some good inners soles from K-mart has paid off to those who listen. The number of "head wobblers" who have turned up in dress shoes (like your Penny Loafers) to do a 12 hour shift in the rain, is pathetic. Their culture is not to spend a $0.01 on anything not provided by the cmopany and then complain of being wet or tired 2 hours into a shift. Perhaps you have some hiking boots you could dye black for now ?

                      If I had $10.00 for every shift I rolled my ankle and was saved by my high boots I would be alot richer. Ok it saves on swelling until you get home but it is the same as bandaging a sprain.
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