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Maglite C/D disassembly videos

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  • Maglite C/D disassembly videos

    Oh no!
    The batteries corroded in my Maglite and it needs to be cleaned out.
    These videos should automatically play as soon as you hit the links.
    A broadband connection is highly recommended for these, or most other internet videos.
    If not grab the newest adobe flash player and install it.
    Here is one place to grab that.

    Here is how the disassembly is done for newer post 2001 Maglites.

    Here is an older pre- 2001 Maglite with the retainer ring removal.

    This is also good info for anyone wanting to modify thier Maglites into something much more useful like these 500+ lumen, solid state led monsters.
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    That's a pretty 'full-on' Maglite (4 Cree XRE) mod there!

    I'm afraid the only flashlight mod's I've performed (up to date) is a DIY dummy cell so I could use an aftermarket (drop in) 6.0v LED bulb replacement
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