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  • First duty belt

    I'm going to buy a duty belt soon and I need some advice on which on to get. never had one before so please explain which ones are good and why.

    I found this link on and it looks like a good belt and it comes with everything I'll need for right now.. what do you think?

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    That isn't a bad deal really ,at least the cost,but if the first time or not you should look around see if there are police shops in your area or security and check with them doesn't mean you have to buy from them but they can give you a good out look on things,
    I just check a place out on gear and this is the prices I came up with :

    AA mini light case 10.99
    nylon duty belt 24.99
    cuff case leather 14.99
    cuffs it depends what type you want range from 22.00 up to 42.00
    Basket weave half line SAM brown belt (black) 57.00
    Flashlight mag light 11.99
    4 in a pack keepers 10.00
    I didn't check out the Mace ,because I never used it.


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      Thanks.. im going to look around for a shop that sells them.


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        I wouldn't rule out looking on ebay either; Do a search for "Police Belt" or "duty Belt" and see what is available. I know it may not (or may) be brand new, but I've seen a few duty rigs that come with just about every accessory included short of a firearm, for pretty decent prices...

        What price range were looking to stay within? The UAW rig is affordable enough, but by appearances it looks to be BW finish... Do you have a preference as far as leather or nylon, or company restrictions as to the type of belt you can wear?
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          I have know preference. I would like a leather, because it looks allot better, but i don't need it. can you recommend any belts that come with all the bells and whistles?


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            Why go for a synthetic duty rig, when you can have a real leather kit?

            Looking in that online store you originally linked to I found THIS, virtually the same gear as you suggested but instead of the mini Xenon torch you get a 3D cell which may not be quite as illuminating, but certainly more useful where you're not permitted to carry a baton

            Alternatively, were you to go nylon instead... you can have all the above options for $10.00 USD less and put it towards some cut resistant gloves like THESE

            I'm not familiar with US pricings on such duty gear, but at these prices I'd be assuming it's budget? I mean $8.00 ~ 14.00 USD for cuffs? $20.00 USD for a telescopic baton?
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              I know it's a long shot, but I do have a 32 inch Leather Basketweave Duty Belt I can give you.
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                Originally posted by davis002 View Post

                I know it's a long shot, but I do have a 32 inch Leather Basketweave Duty Belt I can give you.

                Thats very nice of you, but I have a 34-36 inch waist. I truly appreciate that.
                Thank you!