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Recommendations on jackets for winter

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    Originally posted by FireEMSPolice View Post
    Anyone? C'mon, this is Ohio and its

    I've never worn any myself, however 5.11 do make reversable high-vis jackets, as too does Quatermaster, Fechhimmer, Elbeco and I'm sure I've seen a few made by Galls too.
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      if youve got the budget go 5.11, their products are worth the money, ill atest to this, DONT BY LAW*PRO or GALLS brand items.. they are cheaply sowen and usually dont last as long as any 5.11 gear i have bought.
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        LAWPRO anything sucks. Since my company uses Uniformity Inc, they use LAWPRO. My bomber jacket at work is LAWPRO and sucks.
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          Nothing beat a good old pea coat in winter