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    Originally posted by ctbgpo View Post
    Didn't Erkle have a car like that ?
    Believe it or not the car that Erkle had was a BMW Isseta. I may have spelled it wrong, but it was a BMW.
    A local Shell station used to use one as a marketing tool.
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      Im sorry but, IMHO, taking a Smart car on the Auttobahn isn't very smart. Pun intended.
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        Originally posted by bigshotceo View Post
        Ironically, that security vehicle will soon be illegal for Securitas to use in Ontario as it looks too much like a police vehicle (red stripe, lightbar, no word "security")
        That thing should be illegal just for being so damn ugly! But since Securitas already has the worlds ugliest uniforms, why not?
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          looks like one of Voltron's sneakers.
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            Originally posted by Badge714 View Post
            That thing should be illegal just for being so damn ugly! But since Securitas already has the worlds ugliest uniforms, why not?
            So So true..especially the uniforms.
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              Originally posted by Hank1 View Post
              I guess I am a traditionalist! I prefer to drive my Ford Crown Victoria.

              Be safe,

              +1. Unfortunately, all we use at work is a 2002 Ford Explorer that the mall owns and we just got a 2007 Honda CR-V, valued at $28K for $1.00 under a contract with a Honda dealer. Basically, its a rolling hideous billboard. Its got a vinyl "wrap" on it with clouds and a picture of the dealership on the side with the dealers website the malls logo, Security, and our dispatch phone number on it. Total crap! Who cares if its useful as long as it brings money right? The same Honda dealer gave maintenance a 2007 Ridgeline, valued at $30K for $1.00 with the same crappy design. That means they had to give up their 2004 F150 for a useless Ridgeline. The F150 was great for them. The Ridgeline has no bed at all for their use.
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