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    Any one use nvg at their job. Our supervisor want to buy nvg when we patrolling the wood behind our site. We have a lot of problem with people trying to pass by the wood . I would like to know if it a good investment or only expensive flashy toy

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    Not really worth the money. That's why we have flashlights. Most good NVG systems are very expensive and the ones I have used are highly sensitive and would not be something I would allow another person to use. Not to mention the impracticality in the woods. Alot of these systems are very much like binoculars, they will still blur out on things like leaves and limbswhile being used in the woods.


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      I used NVGs in the Army and own a pair of Russian made bino style generation 1 NVGs. I've never found a use for them in private security.
      I'm much more in favor of using spotlights. Since I'm there as a visible deterent the spotlight works to intimidate trespassers and those thinking about trespassing. I light someone up and they KNOW without question that someone is watching them and it's best to move on.
      A car pulls off the highway onto the shoulder along our fenceline? I'm gonna want to ride out to sit nearby on my side of the fence and make it obvious that they are being observed.
      Someone walking in the treeline along our fence peremiter? I put that million CP spot on them and keep it there until they move on.
      Hospital Security Officer


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        At my job we got a 10 million CP spot light it a lot of power


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          I found a 15 million at I believe. Turns night to day.


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            The 15 million cp is the Cyclops Thor, just so ya know...