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  • Patrol Bike Lighting

    I need ideas for our patrol bikes at work. Here are pics of 1 of them

    The headlight is a NiteRider brand light and the 2 strobes are made by a company called VistaLite (3000 Series). As you can see they (strobes) take 1 battery each and have to be manually activated. They are also not visible at all.

    Any ideas? Management doesn't want to spend alot of money but I want my guys/gals to be safe and visible.
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    Nice bike.
    Do you also want to be visable from the rear? I do not see any reflectors or reflecting tape other than on the bag. Metal pedals with built in reflectors were put on my bike for 20 dollars when I bought the bike.
    Reflective water bottles?

    There are smaller lights out that strap on your arm as well.

    I would like to see a chain guard just to keep the grease off the pants.

    What about a bike computer! You could use the mileage numbers for comparison and other stats for management.
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      I don't think you can mount a chain guard on a police-purpose built bike, they all use the chains that vary their configuration. (No, I only ride the things...)

      There should be a reflector on the back, by DOT regulations.

      Strobes and such things are not for "look at me," its for "GET OUT OF MY WAY." Which is why they're all front facing, usually combined with sirens.

      Another option someone suggested (Who will probably post about it) is using a 12-v water bottle battery system + low draw LED warning modules on the front handlebars and rear deck (where the pack sits.)

      Warning or emergency lighting on a bike should always be secondary to reflectors, tail lights, head lamps, and other required lamps. They should never take the place of one.
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        Originally posted by N. A. Corbier View Post
        Another option someone suggested (Who will probably post about it)
        Well, if you are going to call me out on it

        Put two of these in place of the current ones you have.

        You can also put one or two to the rear. They are $50 each, draw a small amount of power, and are easily hooked up.

        They can be found here...
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          I would use the NiteRider system. They have a dual headlight that flashes in wig-wag and you can order a flip down color lens kit. The nice thing about this is it takes up less handlebar space and is bright as heck. When I worked for the PD they bought these for our bikes and officers used to do traffic stops with them, and believe it or not cars actually stopped. A little pricey at first but worth it in my opinion.


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            A member of another forum I belong to directed me here

            Looks pretty neat.
            "I am not a hero. I am a silent guardian, a watchful protector"