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    so after much research... if you dont mind buying israel made vest its seems marom-dolphin is actually a legit vest manufactor, and thier prices on ebay are very reasonable to security officers, here is their website

    בתי הדין ברחבי העולם שומעים סיפורים מוזרים, כמעט מדי יום ביומו. המצבים שהמין האנושי יודע להגיע אליהם, הם חזקים מכל דימיון, והסרטים הכי טובים שיש להוליווד

    i dont mind buying forgien made stuff, some of thier stuff for thier prices actually seem like they would be a better buy, and according to varouis other sites YES these vests are NIJ compliant.
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    Mind buying Israeli equipment? They make some of the best gear in the world, if I remember correctly.

    Keep in mind, though. None of us buy American anymore. Well, except when you buy a "Japanese" car, because the Japanese know its cheaper to build in American than import.

    I think the last American built TV was made in the late 1990s, and of course the brands you think are American are actually Chinese made. Best example: RCA Holdings of China is the company that makes your RCA TV at Wal-Mart.
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      Here's a shock. Holiday Inn hotels are owned by Intercontental Hotels Group, a spin off of Bass Breweries a United Kingdom company. So even the all American pie hotel chain is now owned by people outside the US
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        If its good enough for the IDF its good enough for me.

        I got to say I do like my American Body Armor.
        Its comfortable and it is more or less breathable.