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    Originally posted by K-9 Aussie View Post
    Here is a photo, below as promised of the bike helmet I wear when on bike duty. It's great for both daytime and low light/night riding due to the reflective parts of the helmet, plus you're quickly identified as Security too.
    Nice helmet! Where did you get it with SECURITY on it? We could use SECURITY written on ours.
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      I don't like K-9 Aussie's helmet for one reason. The words "security" are too small. You can buy clear stickers with SECURITY, POLICE, or SHERIFF on them from catalog shops, such as Galls, Streichers, Quartermaster, etc.
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        Originally posted by FireEMSPolice View Post
        Nice helmet! Where did you get it with SECURITY on it? We could use SECURITY written on ours.

        I simply had a signwritter here in Australia do it for me. Simply reflective blue tape for the band, and reflective silver for the letters. As N.A Corbier says, it is a bit small, but due to the reflectiveness of it, it really does stand out. I was limited for room on this helmet in regards to decals etc.

        Davis002:- That's an excellent looking uniform! If only we could obtain such uniforms down here . We have nothing down here at all in regards to bike uniforms. Have you done any courses in bike patrols with organisations like IPMBA? What sort of equipment do you carry on your bikes too?
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