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    I'm using/testing this rig out right now. The double belt straps add pretty good support, and allow easy access to the front, pants pocket.

    The retention release button is a little stiff at first, but mine has gotten quite comfortable with time (and about 1,000 draws.) *Auto Lock: Pistol is secured immediately upon reholstering, no snaps, straps or hoods to come open.

    If you have to move on foot more than 2,000 meters per shift, forget this rig. The friction will tear up your leg. I haven't found any thigh holsters that alleviate this problem, but most long-range-types aren't carrying sidearms in this capacity.

    Plenty of room/options for combat knives, flashlights and multi-tools. I'm not good for much more than an extra mag and a blade, but the platform is sturdy enough for plenty more.

    A little pricey, around $119, and I've seen it go between that and $130. But, overall, not a bad piece of kit.
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    Thigh rigs are surprising comfortable and a lot of them hold the weapon at a level that is more natural to draw. Your hand drops right to it rather than having to reach up. I personally carry a Taser in a thigh rig and my Glock 21 in a regular holster above it. It's been a good setup for me so far. The thigh rig I have for my Taser right now is a Don Hume and it put me back about $110.