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  • Do You Buy Your Own Equipment.

    My home state has a requirement that if your employer requires a SPECIFIC uniform they have to provide it.

    For instance I worked at a tech company that REQUIRED safety shoes on the shop floor. My employer gave me an allowance of $150.00 a year to buy my shoes from the authorized dealer.

    If a Duty Belt was a REQUIRED part of the uniform they issued it. If I wanted to carry a Buck Kife on my Duty Belt I could but I had to buy a pouch that matched the rest of the Belt. Same if I wanted a different magazine carrier.

    Of course, my uniforms were always provided by the company but I paid for my own Wrangler Cargo Pants because I preferred them over the stupid National Patrol pants.

    When I worked for G4S they issued Tru Spec BDUs and I wore them.

    Specific company hat they bought, plain black Rothco (MUCH better quality) I bought it.

    My first employer issued me one of those stupid little Minimag lites with my uniforms. If I wanted something better it was up to me to buy it (To be fair, Istill have that light and it still works). My last employer went out and bought a bunch of those stupid Bell & Howell "Tac Lights" and issued one to each site and each roving patrol vehicle. I think they lasted 2 weeks.

    I don't remember WHICH company it was but they FORBADE us from carrying D-cell Mag Lights because they could be used as an impact weapon.

    I worked with one Yo-Yo who REFUSED to do patrols after dark unless the company provided him with a light. I would have fired him but they bought him (really the site) a C-cell Maglight.

    My first employer required us to provide our own handguns until people started showing up with HiPoints. Then they issued an approved list in compliance with county requirements.

    Under NO circumstances was I allowed

    Unauthorized handgun
    Unauthorized OC
    Ammunition not issued by the company

    ANY long gun
    ANY SPECIFIC impact weapon. Not even a Yarwa Stick or A Kuboton on my key ring.

    Handcuffs were only authorized at the county court house and ONLY for prisoner transport.
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    While I am long past the days of being a "gear whore" or "gadget guru", I am a HUGE advocate of maintaining good situational awareness. I do have a Unication G5 "pager" which will monitor the local 800 Mhz public safety radio system. I still like to know what the local police/fire/EMS are doing near campus. I also follow a few social media apps and have access to a few websites, which help me keep in touch. I find that to be a big help at work.


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      All the Police, Fire and EMS channels here are encrypted.


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        The only thing I'm really a Gear Whore about is my footwear and my cold weather wear. I would add rain gear to that but It's been AT LEAST four years since it rained more than five minutes where I'm at.


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          What? The flashlight advertised on late night TV only lasted 2 weeks? But it shows it getting run over by a Humvee! I am so disappointed. (Kidding.)

          I generally use the company equipment unless I have a specific preference, and then I make sure it is approved if it has to be. I will agree with Night Rider about boots, especially safety features. I am very indebted to the site supervisor on my first guard job at the port who told me to buy a pair of steel toe boots ASAP. I kid you not, within the first 6 months a trucker ran over my foot accidentally - only damage was a small dent in my boot. I kept wearing them until they wore out - a daily visual reminder of "Safety First."