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Blue car alarm lights

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  • Blue car alarm lights

    Bear with me here, this is hard to explain without pictures. I saw a car with heavy tint, generic hubcaps (as opposed to custom rims) and blue lights under the hazard lights (not in the grille). The lights didn't alternate, they just flashed in sync like hazard lights do. I honestly thought for a couple of seconds this was a police unit.

    My co-worker says they are car alarm lights. The alarm wasn't going off; the guy was just driving around and parking with them on. Was he breaking the light laws, or is this one of those gray areas that people are taking advantage of?

    Seems to me red and blue are well regulated; if you want special lights that tell everyone you have a car alarm, pick a different color and don't drive with them on. (I'm not going to try to break into your car while it's moving.)