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Retractable keychain for heavy keys?

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  • Retractable keychain for heavy keys?

    Does anybody here know of a retractable keychain that can keep a heavy set of keys retracted? I carry a lot of keys for the site I work at, and I hate when the keys start to dangle lower and lower lol

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    One of my pet peeves - you'd think somebody would have come up with a solution by now. The typical uniform / equipment companies don't offer anything specifically designed for a large & heavy key ring. When I have time I'll check construction / industrial suppliers.


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      Grainger offers something called a "Kevlar (R)" key holder. It looks a bit studier than standard ones; supposedly it can hold "small flashlight or hand tools." If true, that might fit the bill.


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        One thing you might want to consider is a pouch instead of a key ring, as it's convenient and prevents most of the dangling. Larger double handcuffs pouches work well (if there isn't a divider between where the two sets of handcuffs would be), though if your company/site would complain about you wearing a handcuff pouch itself, there are other pouches that would work too.


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          I found one on Amazon that seems to do the job. It’s got a ball on the Kevlar cord that snaps into the buckle so that it doesn’t retract. It’s snaps in and out fairly easily so it’s not a hassle to use at all.

          Key-BAK SUPER48 Heavy Duty 8oz.