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    I am looking to incorporate a security supply store into my security business. We have local police supply but they are getting more and more harder to work with on pricing and even purchasing of some equipment. I am mostly thinking of our guards supplies on hand because we've ran into some issues buying equipment and they've turned out to be counterfeit gear.

    Anyone currently have this put in place for the guards that work for you or for local guards to buy from?

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    One company I worked for looked into it, because our supplier closed and the big store in town was just ripping us off. (They had the local police, fire and postal service contracts locked up, so they really didn't need any other business, and they made that abundantly clear.) It came down to the fact that we just weren't big enough to be able to buy the quantity of supplies needed to get a good wholesale price.

    The problem is it is a niche industry, and there aren't a lot of major players anymore. IMHO, when Quartermaster sold out to Gall's, the quality of goods and the customer service went down at both companies. Part of the problem (as I've said on other threads) is that most of the stuff is now made in China and their quality standards vary.

    The recommendation I would make is study your area - are there other security departments or companies that would be willing to buy supplies from your store if you had one? That might be the "make or break" information you'd need to make a decision. For uniforms, the big deal is how fast can you supply them? For example, when we get a new S/O, we usually want a full set of uniforms, with patches and any alterations needed, within two weeks.


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