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Uniform cleaning tips?

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  • Uniform cleaning tips?

    I work on a site where we have trash and recycle compactors, plus trees, etc. And I am my own worst enemy when it comes to to putting retractable pens in my pocket and forgetting to retract the point. (Spray and Wash works about half the time.) Restaurant grease is the worst - I usually send it out to the dry cleaners (again, with mixed results).

    Any tips? The only one I can give is for white shirts - a bit of Boraxo and 2 tablespoons of vinegar brightens up real dingy shirts.

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    Coldwater is your friend. I would pre-treat the stain depending on what it was and made sure it went into the wash ASAP. Hydrogen Peroxide is great for removing blood.
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      I like the stain pre-wash rubs you can get at the store, they work for most messes I create. I also suggest space pens made by fisher; these pens never leak or freeze.