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Does my Perfect Patrol Flashlight exist?

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  • Does my Perfect Patrol Flashlight exist?

    SOR (statement of requirements...or wants).

    Big and sturdy enough to use as club like a 2-3 cell mag light, but not TOO long so you still at least jog without it becoming a problem, just right for carry on belt with

    Probably metal but could be plastic if tough as a Glock.

    I'm thinking 4 of those common 18650 rechargable batts be about right. Little slimmer/lighter than D-cell Maglight and just tad shorter than 3 cell Mag.

    Cree bulbs and very bright.

    USB rechargeable WITH USB output so it can double as power-pac to recharge phones, etc.

    Zoom/flood feature (really don't care about strobe, really don't care about lower power too much, what I want is to be able to turn on and off without cycling through lots of stupid useless features).

    Under $100 (without batts/chargers/cords is OK).

    Be neat if not round so it would not role, but I guess I can wrap some rubberbands and junk round the head and will still work with holster.

    Really DON"T want other features like "lantern" because anything besides Zoom will just be something to break.

    I guess I would be neat if you could install a red-light to save night vision but I could probably rig my own if needed.

    Also nice if it has little loop for a lanyard but can fashion my own if needed.

    Mildly water resistant is good enough.

    This has the right features and number of batts, but its wrong shape and all four batts are side by side in a fat unit. Is their something about these 18650 batts and Cree bulbs that they want to run them in parallel VS series?

    From a review.....

    "Another area I fought this light is that it requires button-top cells. My high-cap flat-tops don't work in it. They could have bubbled the positive contact ring to accommodate either cell type, but they didn't. Most high-capacity 18650's are flat-top"
    I guess I could put little balls of alum foil on flat tops???

    These are inline batts but no zoom and all this type has very low ratings due to poor reliability. Not thrilled about the mid-point "extension" connection either with soft alum threads.

    Worst thing is they don't have USB even for charging, much less output for power-pac, so you always gonna be slapping batts and rarely topped-off. Whole point of rechargeable is not to save money, its to have your light max-bright everytime you grab it.
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    Perfect? Well my setup was perfect for my own needs, so it included a rechargeable Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL with a strobe function, and a high lumen palm size Surefire P2X Fury for handheld flashlight shooting techniques. Because the surefire P2X Fury uses up so much battery power, it’s ideal for short duration use, whereas the Streamlight is perfect for longer durations. Both lights are high quality and long lasting - “buy once, cry once” - and quite durable to the point of surviving falls and scrapes from fights, training, etc. The trick is to have your light(s) on you at all times, so find a pouch that’s compatible with your vest or belt system. Practice utilising it under stress, you don’t want to be fumbling for anything in the dark when you need it but can’t find it because you hadn’t trained enough with using it. Take care of your gear, and it will help take care of you.
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      I ordered a charging station along with the Streamlight when I placed my purchase on because they were already offering deals on pouches, batons, and other fun duty gear at the time!


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        Originally posted by Amateurchef View Post
        I ordered a charging station along with the Streamlight when I placed my purchase on because they were already offering deals on pouches, batons, and other fun duty gear at the time!
        really, really don't want anything that needs or wants its own Charging Station.

        Really needs to be standard micro USB so I can charge same as common smartphone.

        SOME of these also have an outlet USB so you can use the light to charge other stuff (like your phone during hours of surfing online at work).

        There is stuff that you are bound to lose or not have that kills the system (charging stations).

        Then there is stuff that is Prepper Worthy "don't leave home without it" (light that charges from any USB....AND serves as power-pac for other stuff...including other USB lights).

        Maybe I'll take a headlight and butcher it up into an aluminum pipe and bunch of epoxy.

        Funny, they don't make it very clear which lights have the all important USB output feature, which to me is the Deal Maker/Breaker.


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          I get that the OP apparently got banned for some reason so my reply is probably a mute point. However the Streamlight HL5-X is a good flashlight for what they want. It uses 2 18650 batteries that are USB rechargeable, it can be fueled by CR123's as well. When you use the 18650's, the max output is 3500 lumens and with the CR123's it's 2500 lumens. It can't do spot or flood, it's all flood. However it will light up a football field at night without hesitation. I find it useful for area searches as it covers a lot of ground with decent throw in a bright white light. You can power down though to lower outputs and it has a strobe feature. Which, well 3500 lumens flashing in a strobe pattern is a very disorienting light to say the least.
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