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new gear invention: tactical Aiguilette

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  • new gear invention: tactical Aiguilette

    for those who are wondering what an Aiguilette is, see attached pic.

    What I'm needing is some help on a good way to weave it so it looks cool and enough like a traditional Aiguilette, but can deploy as a length of paracord. Bonus for a weave that is able to get it back to "dress" condition in the field. Also looking for a "tactical" little metal endings that still look cool and have a function. There is always "fids" but maybe a mini-grappling hook.

    The idea would be to have an excuse to sport an Aiguilette but not be a total clown.

    I guess I'll be getting whatever is used to make those paracord "survival bracelets". I've already got a mess of the little plastic clips. Knots have never been my strong suit. This would be my default coil/weave. The "fireman's coil".
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    You are a Clown regardless.