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    I've started at a new account. The officers out here wear suits and velcro ties. I've only used regular or clip on ties in the past. A couple of the guy's ties do not fit correctly. I've been trying to find information on velcro tie sizing online, but I'm not having any luck. All the sizing guides I've found are for length, but the problem is that their ties are too tight around the neck. I'm assuming that breakaway ties are sized based on shirt neck size, but I just can't find anything. None of their ties seem to have any kind of adjustment on them. I'd really like to help my guys look a little more professional and be a little more comfortable.
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    Just get a needle and thread and cut the ties in the back and add an extension. Should take about 5 minutes. good at it. If you want to get fancy use a piece of elastic. No need to go to the store just find your most worn-out pair of underwear and cut the elastic out of that. The elastic will make it look like the tie is all nice and snug and choking tight even but it's not


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      Plan F if you are in charge of this operation and want to make a universal adjustable size velcro tie what you do is take a soldering iron and poke some holes. Then take some twine or thick thread and go back and forth a few times like a sailing ship block and tackle. This will allowed to be adjusted in her out and then tied like a shoelace tie.


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        Clip one break away just as fast as Velcro.


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          Depends on the department. One co. I worked out didn't like the clip-ons, felt the velcro looked more professional. I feel for you Mr. Chaple - I've got a fat neck, and always have to add a "collar extender" button to my dress shirts so I can button them. You might call or email customer service at a reputable uniform company - they might be able to help you.