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  • Drones

    Anyone with experience using drones in the private security context? We read about it a lot, but it is finally happening in my company. There has been a test program the past year or so, but now the rank-and-file will be using drones as part of our daily responsibilities. From what I understand, the drones conduct aerial patrols. (autonomous for regular sites, controlled by a guard for a pop-up site), and are able to be rapidly deployed to areas of interest should some type of alarm be triggered or an immediate need for eyes-on arises. We should be getting trained on this soon, so I may have a clearer picture of how we are supposed to use them.

    I for one am excited to use this new kit, but am wondering what you guys think. Are they really that useful, or merely another service to hike up the contract price? From what I understand, a lot of the contracts want the drones, even for the increased rates. (each drone costs tens of thousands of dollars, and I imagine they aren't cheap to maintain...)

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    I'm pro-drone. Even if your drone is in reality "blind" its mere presence should be effective. I don't think they cost ten thousand. Have you checked Amazon etc?

    Only reason I've haven't got one yet is price should be dropping fast.

    There is now a Fed "drone lic" you get after taking a test.

    I plan on taking the test soon because typically 1st adopters are grandfathered in when test/lic gets tougher.