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  • Shooter's Kit?

    In doing my firearms training this week, I realized something that I hadn't put much emphasis on in the past-a first aid kit geared specifically toward a shooting. Our instructor and a couple of the range officers had kits they carried to address a shooting on the range. Since I work at a university and an active shooter incident is a very real threat, I am looking into some of those kits. However, there are hundreds of kits available commercially. Does anyone have any opinions one way or the other on them?

    As far as I can tell, I need QuikClot, some gauze, a couple tourniquets, and gloves. Am I missing anything? Is there any reason to buy a commercial kit instead of just picking up this stuff at my local Walgreens? Am I missing anything?
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    While I am not an armed guard I am a former member of my town's EMS Department. You don't need to buy the commercial kits. You could put together your own kit for a reduced cost. the commercial kits are more convenient. I've never used quik clot as my former service doesn't stock it. I recommend g getting gauze pads of various sizes, some rolls of gauze cling, scissors, nitrile gloves, some triangular bandages, and a couple of tourniquets, medical tape, and quick clot. If you have room on your duty belt for another handcuff case I use an Uncle Mike's handcuff case for gloves it holds 7 pairs of nitrile medical gloves. I hope this helps.