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Recommendations for Body Cameras?

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  • Recommendations for Body Cameras?

    For those who personally wear body cameras for extra insurance in civil or criminal liability, what do you have?

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    I'm also interested in this. I was looking at GoPRO, but they are pricey and I'm wondering if there's something a little more covert looking.


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      I've looked into body cameras and most the ones that I've seen are way out of my price range. What I've done is a compromise is put a 32 gig chip in my phone and audio record.

      Primarily when I was using it I was working as a Roving Guard. So I pull into a given site turn on my audio recorder call it in Rolling guard Montoya arriving at this site sooner I had a recording of security control acknowledging that I was there and the time I do my check.

      Once I did my check if nothing happened at all I would delete the recording if I had any interaction with any other person I save the recording until I was certain I no longer needed it.


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        So what proof do you have that your recording is valid and evidentiary? Since there is no secure system that houses the product, it is not able to be held as fact as it’s open to operator abuse.

        Dont waste money on a camera. Use your cellphone as was described by Montoya.