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    That right there is the coolest piece of equipment I was ever issued


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      I started wearing this when I went to work on a Section 8, Housing Authority contract in West Palm Beach, FL in 2007. Since then, it's been a variation on that theme.
      "Lo Que Sea, Cuando Sea, Donde Sea"

      "Veni, Vidi, Vici!"

      "Whatcha gonna do now, PL?"

      "Strategy is the craft of the warrior. Commanders must enact the craft, and troopers should know this Way. There is no warrior in the world today who really understands the Way of strategy." Shinmen Musashi No Kami Fujiwara No Genshin is where I go for all of my Florida security info.


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        I'll try and post pics when I get home.

        Security: Buckleless basketweave leather. Clockwise- • S&W M&P .40 in Blackhawk "Lvl 3" holster,
        • Streamlight protac,
        • 2 spare magazines.
        - That's all we are authorized to carry, period.-

        Police: Bianchi Accumold Elite basketweave. Clockwise- • Glock 22 w / TLR-1 in Safariland "Lvl 2" holster,
        • 21" ASP Talon in rotating scabbard,
        • Freeze +P,
        • S&W chain cuffs in open top,
        • Peerless hinged in open top,
        • Streamlight Strion,
        • Radio,
        • 2 spare mags (soon to be 3),
        • X26 Taser.
        - I wear Blauer Armorskin suspenders under a shirt style soft armor carrier.
        - Carry tw small streamlight penlights, a Kershaw Speedsafe knife, and a CRKT M-16 knife

        "What if this is as good as it gets?" ~ Melvin Udall


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          Here is what’s on my belt. My belt is from Boston Leather, my key holder is from Safariland, a double handcuff case from Safariland my handcuffs are Smith and Wesson 100, flashlight case from Boston Leather the flashlight is a Fenix PD35, a generic cellphone holder for my iPhone se, a handcuff case from Uncle Mike’s I have 5 pairs of nitrile gloves in it has it was a tight fit to get a pair of handcuffs in there so I decided to use it as a glove pouch, lastly I have a glove pouch from Bianchi with 2 pairs of nitrile gloves. The only thing I don’t have are belt keepers as I don’t use them as my belt stays in place without them.
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