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LOOKING FOR Used or New Radios (Two Way)

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  • LOOKING FOR Used or New Radios (Two Way)

    Hey everyone.

    I am upgrading my guards from Cell Phones (Getting Expensive) to UHF Radio's. I am looking if anyone has some used or new Radios that they no longer need, must be prograble. Would appreciate it.

    Please PM or Email if you have any. can pay Cash, cheque or Paypal!

    [email protected]
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    Your best bet for used radios, unfortunately.
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      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier

      Your best bet for used radios, unfortunately.
      agreed I just bought one and a spare battery off there for my big paintball game I go to in OK every year. I plan on using it at work the rest of the year so I know that I have a charged battery every night!


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        Im trying to get us changed over from the Motorola HT750's to the Kenwood TK-3160's. I would like to have enough radios to assign one per Security Officer.

        That said, I will see if my company can sell you any surplus HT750's. If so, they will be without batteries or chargers. The batteries we have are shot (unless you could use them for the time being) and we use a couple of gang/bank chargers. The radios are engraved with Security and a number on them. This may take a while so this isnt anytime soon as a decision has not been made on the TK-3160's.
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