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  • Boots.....HELP?

    We get issued boots. Iv been getting 5.11 Boots..and to be blunt. These things just suck! I walk alot in a shift. 7+ miles in a 10 hour shift.... and No I am not fluffing the numbers.

    My issue is I need ideas to get my own boots that will work for a good period of time. Like I said, these 5.11 on me now, are shot, and Iv had them on for less then 6 months!

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    Do you work indoor or outdoors? What area of the country to you live in? Do you ever have to walk through snow or rain puddles? Do they have to look professional? Do you need steel-toe, or will composite or "regular" toe suffice?


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      Pennsylvania, mostly outdoors. Walk in all weather. Nonsteel toe boots


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        I wear Bellville Boots. They are American made and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.

        I have worked as a security guard since 2008, for 6 years of that time I worked on an undeveloped site on the East side of town. I did all foot patrols over rocks, up and down hills, in all kinds of weather, in dirt and mud and snow and concrete.

        I walked an average of right around 1900 miles every year and the Bellevilles have held up I have had to resole them 3 times but they're still going strong. I currently do roving patrols (again on foot) on sites from the base of Pikes Peak to Peyton Colorado and they're still up to it although I'm pretty sure I'm going to replace them the next time the sole wears out.

        I have tried other boots and destroyed them (Hermans, Vasques, Tevas and some kind of cheap cop boot that lasted 3 months) and nothing has lasted nearly as long as the Bellevilles.

        Belleville Boots - Home


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          Good footwear... an important investment. I have had good luck with Corcoran/Matterhorn products... like Belleville, another American-made line with a long military heritage. I've had one insulated pair since 2002 and a lighter-weight pair for at least seven years and they are holding up fine in rotational use.

          A FD I served with offered us free Rocky Alpha Force side-zip boots. I tried some on and they felt like cheap sneakers compared to my Matterhorns. Even for the price of $0, I wasn't interested in freeing up the closet space!


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            Redwings with "SuperSoles" are my fave concrete walking boots. Best cushion, grip and wearing of any sole ever IMO. 607 "Motorcycle Boots" are reasonable at $160.

            I also got several flavors of Army Boots, including some tan I took a magnum black magic marker to for Security uniform use.

            If you are logging high miles get what works and Magic Marker them later. Just don't toe kick stuff as will leave mark.

            Don't skimp on insoles, or orthodics. Got Med Coverage? You should see a Food Doctor "just because". Like going to dentist even if no know problems.

            Non-military hikers/walkers don't wear 8" high lace ups for a reason, so if using army boots only lace up about 1/2 the way for just walking.

            How about working some Bike Patrol into your shift? Note the cream colored tires. I"m guessing be fine on carpet, etc.

            I've found just using diff muscles really helps. Walk backwards and sideways, too.
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              i liked the bates brand with the side zipper.
              ez on and ez off and spit shine up nice
              but if i was to buy a new pair for security work, i would want a pair of these bates but with steel toes


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                Originally posted by Jstar571 View Post
                We get issued boots. Iv been getting 5.11 Boots..and to be blunt. These things just suck! I walk alot in a shift. 7+ miles in a 10 hour shift.... and No I am not fluffing the numbers.

                My issue is I need ideas to get my own boots that will work for a good period of time. Like I said, these 5.11 on me now, are shot, and Iv had them on for less then 6 months!
                I would HIGHLY suggest in a pair of Under Armour's duty boots, as they are by far the most comfortable boots I've purchased. Straight out of the box comfortable, and let me just tell you, I use to have to replace my boots every 3-4 months. The other great thing about Under Armour boots is the fact they will replace them for FREE. Any and I mean ANY wear and tear, or just straight up need replacing just simply toss them in the box and send them to UA, and they will mail you back a fresh pair.


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                  I don't know how much you make, but if you're paid anything near minimum wage just get a quality pair of all-black running shoes. They'll last a lot longer than any boot.


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                    Ive worn Timberland Pros religiously for 7years (courtesy of a puddle in winter)n
                    Ive used It For Farm work, Security, Custodial and Now Post Office. On my Feet All the tTime and No Problems.


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                      I use 5.11 boots. I haven't had any problems with them. they are comfortable and polish nicely. I use the 5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C 8 inch shield CSA boot.
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                        If part of your job is spreading ice melt or de-icer, get a quality pair of boots and put some kind of Scotch Guard type spray on them. Wipe your boots down as soon as you're done using ice melt each time.

                        I have a cheap pair of boots that I wore on shift; I figured I'd just wipe the ice melt dust off when I got home. The stuff ate the top layer of the boot finish off. Like I said, they were really inexpensive boots so I wasn't too miffed, but now I remember why I hate spreading de-icer.
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                          While I use 5.11 for spring, summer, fall use I use these boots from Columbia in the winter the soles are made out of the Michelin rubber. I have not yet slipped on any ice patch while wearing these boot so far this winter.

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                            my new fave all time "boots".

                            I say "boots" because they feel more like beefy Cross Trainers. New Balance so they have finer size graduation (you should probably order a size up or make sure they got a size up in store.

                            I've been wearing two sets all day working construction and the are still perfect with virtually no wear on soles. The safety toe is nice and big, but light.

                            The uppers around the ankle are very puffy and allow laces to be fully tight and still all day comfy.

                            They have some "Patented kick plate" and I don't know how it works but makes toe or heel kicking of stuff seem like it kicks 2x as hard with less effort and no impact on feet.

                            Every once in a great while you discover a product you wish you'd invented. These boots are 50yrs ahead of their time. Its like its 1920 and I'm the only kid in school with a pair of Adidas.


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                              While I'm no longer in the security industry, I do quite a bit of walking and standing around. (I'm a chauffeur.) I recently had to purchase new footwear, and like a previous poster mentioned, I too went with the 5.11 ATAC II 8" side zip boots. They're quite comfortable, and much more quiet than my previous choice of footwear, which was cowboy boots. I'd recommend them.
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