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  • Taser Cam

    Interesting. This guy was armed with a knife. Being tasered saved him from getting shot.

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    Taser is a great enforcement tool. That was reasonable usage of the device too, IMHO.


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      Idiots like this who bring a knife to a gun fight NEED to be shot! personally I wouldn't have told him to drop the knife, I would have just shot him either with the Taser or my sidearm......He was waaaaaay to close for them to keep trying to tell him to drop that BIG ASS knife.


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        I can't stop laughing at this dumbass everytime I watch this!!!!


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          lol the only thing that could of made this better is when his body tensed up from the electricity if he just keeled over and face planted right into the toilet bowl making a giant splash lol.

          He's so damn lucky though that those officers had a taser cause otherwise they would be pointing sidearms instead of a battery on steroids at the perp.
          We may not be sworn in, have all the powers of arrest as a peace officer, or are able to run red & blues, but damnit, when the chips are down, the **** hits the fan, and the bullets are flying, me and an LEO share the same dumpster for cover, and spill the same blood in the same mud. All other differences are just details.


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            LMAO. Darwinism at its best. I like how he fell "timber". Some people just don't get it. Taking a knife to a taser fight.