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A new tool for security.

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  • A new tool for security.

    If you look around on the site you can locate video from the discover channel I think. It shows several rather interesting toys and one of them is for sale to the public. The PDLP Personal defense laser pointer. Its a small laser dazzling device. It costs about 300 bucks though. If you can find the video of it you get to see it dazzle the vision of the ex navy seal guy that is in the video.
    There are other laser devices at this place too but they appear to be for lawenforcement only. The PDLP is available for the public. I can see my company may be considering these if they are truly not dangerous to the eyes.
    I sure could have used one a while back when I caught a kid trying to steal the neighbors boat. But,realy that old maxmillion Qbeam lit him up pretty good Too! LOL! here is the link to this interesting little doodad

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    So what the heck is this.. An eye blinder? I checked out the site, but not much info.. I thought scientists said lazers cause cancer, and cheeseburgers too. This is very strange!
    Deputy Sheriff


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      Well, its a dazzler and a pointer. It is not supposed to blind anyone permanently but if you shine it in someones eyes it causes big green spots and such to appear and they stay like this for a little while. I will try to find a link to that video and post it here. It could be a very good non lethal device. o.k. I found the video, it is kind of long but is very interesting. It is near the end of the clip when he shines the PDLP into the guys face. Just pick your bandwidth under the photo.