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    Now that it is getting colder, I am in the need of gloves. Which gloves do you recommend for keeping warm and added protection, but not bulky and stiff. Also once I get gloves I’ll need a holder. I have looked around, but I’m having a hard time finding holders that fit gloves other than latex. Where is a good place to look?
    DizZy SO

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    Most glove holders are loops that you put the gloves through, then attach with a carbiner. Outerwear gloves are not really designed to go in holders, rather, they don't make pouch holders for the things. I shoved them in my back pocket, or maybe a sap pocket.

    Not sure about non-bulky, I wear thinsulmate lined leather gloves when it starts getting around 0. (Your zero, not mine.) They are wal-mart brand, look good, and are warm.

    I wore Hatch Specialist gloves on duty, and will probably buy a pair of 5.11 gloves to see how the "seam at the top of the finger" feels, cause I absolutely hate seams at the tip of the finger.
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