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    Ive been looking at getting an exterior vest carrier since wearing it underneath is way to hot. I'm around Chicagoland..any suggestions/opinions?

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    Typically, your best bet is to check with the company that made the panels in your vest (PACA, ABA, ETC). Most of them make exterior vest carriers that are custom tailored to your specific panels. Otherwise, I know that Blauer ( makes them as well. Regardless of what route you go, you are going to spend $200+ for a quality external vest carrier.

    Further, you might want to make sure that your employer will allow it in the first place. I assume you work in a mall setting, so with that said the management might not approve of it, as it might look too "tactical". You could argue that it's more comfortable and such, but they might just call it a "swat vest". Just my two cents...
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      Having worn external vests for a number of years in corrections, I think you will find them just about as hot.
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        If you want an external carrier, but want it to (somewhat) blend in with your uniform, they're making "Chicago Carriers" now that look like uniform shirts fronts. These are the dark blue carriers that a lot of CPD are wearing on their light blue shirts.

        The locals here wear them tone-on-tone (navy), so they somewhat blend in and look like the uniform shirt. They are, however, just as hot as the regular under the shirt kind. I mean, you're wearing the equivelant to a winter jacket over your shirt, or under your shirt.

        Invest in a good undershirt, and perhaps some of the cooling packs for your vest.
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          Originally posted by jeff194307
          Having worn external vests for a number of years in corrections, I think you will find them just about as hot.
          I agree with Jeff, either way your not going to avoid the heat

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 makes some similar vests with there Cooling system, but they are alot more money, but if heat is a real issue, you might look at them

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