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    Originally posted by canadianCO
    I have been using Converse 8" tactical side zip duty boot. A little warm but otherwise an excellent boot.
    I was considering getting some of those, but if you find them warm in Ontario, I need to look elswhere. My feet get warm in shoes that other people find cool.
    Currently I am wearing a pair of Walmart cheapos until I decide what to get.
    I have had the Magnum Phantom V-Lites and really liked them, but the curve on the zipper was a problem. If they would make them with a straight zipper I would never need to shop for anthing else.
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      I wear a pair of Altama Tactical, $85 at the local Police Hardware store. They are certified by the National Institute of Public Safety (Security and LE) Officers.


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        Rocky 2090's for me. $99 at a local police supply shop. They are a 10 inch side zipper paraboot. amazingly comfortable!
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          For the last year and a half, I've been wearing Harley-Davidson

          Crankshaft boots. They've held up extremely well.
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            Herman Survivor steel toe shoes. They are pretty comfortable but being steel toed they tend to get "un" comfortable after awhile. Gots to wear them though, thats the price you pay for working in an industrial setting.