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    hi i am currently involved in a dispute with my former employer and one of the issues is about body armour. on deployment to a vessel for anti piracy dutties and anti terrorist. we where isued or rather there was left for us sets of armour with plates ny set was busted ie the holder velcro fastener at the waist was torn of making it un wearable. also this armour had come from a closed down land based operation where gurkahs had been employed so we had 6ft 6 guys trying to fit into miget armour. despite complaining nothing was done to replace it and we went a few trips to iraq and then to singapore and home for xmas and a course then back out and again the armour isues had not been addressed along with sevral other points the upshot being the whole team geting of in kuwait there now ensues a legal battle ie tribunial and the company owner suing us and doing it through the courts in the british virgin islands. any comments any one and yes i know who the hell works for a company like that well not me not now.