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    Nathan, I believe MLEO = Municipal Law Enforcement Officer = By-law Enforcement Officer.

    In the post he wrote that CANADAIN law does not allow...... Regulating private Security is a provincial jurisdiction not federal.

    Nicholls has 2 stores in the Montreal area. One on Jean Talon & Victoria & 1 on the south shore.
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
    Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
      What's an MLEO?

      As to shirt colors, I have always found this silly. In this area alone, they wear: Silvertan (Sheriff), LAPD Blue (Police and Security), French Blue (Police and Security), Black (Police and Security), White (Police and Security)...

      So, which do you wear when everyone wears different colors?
      We wanted to go to silvertan, but the local special constables changed their shirts to that colour....too much confusion downtown. We wear light blue shirt with LAPD blue pants and exterior vest. It was the old uniform of our local Police service, who has since gone to the all LAPD blue outfit. Nothing is edged in law, just professional respect to not copy the other...all depends upon your specific location. But that does sound silly Corbier!!!
      Oh well, my lunch break is over....back to work! Yeah, MLEO is what hotelsecurity stated. We are security with bylaw/provincial offences status....means more work


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        MLEO's are called Securite Publique or Securite du Territoire in the Montreal boroughs. They enforce parking, noise & other city bylaws. Go to the Public Security section of to see some pictures of their vehicles. Some that used to be managed by the fire departments before the city of Montreal took it over a few years ago are allowed red flashers. Most have yellow. The fact there is no blue shows that they are not sworn police officers.
        I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
        Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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          I work for a private security company in British Columbia.
          To my knowledge there is no legislation that stipulates
          uniform colours for private security in this province.

          Our company supplies us with black short sleeve shirts
          with our company name on the shoulder patches and
          Security on the left chest.

          Our company rules dictate that our pants or shorts
          are to be black, as well as our socks (if visible) and
          our footwear is to be black as well.

          The pants are to be cargo type pants or dress pants
          (depending on the site you are assigned to).

          I wear black Propper BDU pants and Magnum Stealth

          We are also issued a yellow high-visibility jacket that
          has reflective stripes on it. The jacket has our company
          name on the back and Security on the left chest.

          By law we are not prermitted to carry weapons, pepper spray
          or handcuffs.

          Some of our guards wear soft body armour (stab-resistant vests).
          Some are issued the vests (depending on the site) and some guards buy
          their own.


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            Your Quote

            Hey Masterchief,
            Am I correct in your quote being from Lt Col. Dave Grossman (USAR Retired)?


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              You could try 911 Gear, I use them to purchase all of my uniforms and gear for all of our employees. Tell him Dan from Task Force Security Sent you.

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