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    Until now, we have been using our radios without a microphone. The speaker-mic works great, but it weighs down the shirt and causes it to sag on one side. Does anyone have a trick to keep things straight?

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    Epaulet Strap With Clip

    I wear an external vest carrier, so I just clip mine to the edge of the carrier. You could look into an Epaulet Strap With Clip. I have never used on of those, so I don't know if it would help.
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      I made my own epaulet mic strap from 1" nylon webbing (airsoft rifle sling), snaps and a D ring (why pay $10+ for Galls when I have the stuff lying around?); what I also did was to put an extra stitch in the epaulet rear edge to the shirt so that the strap fits snugly between the stitch and the button, and this also helps support the weight of the mic so it doesn't droop off my shoulder.
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        This is just one specific school of thought. Not necessarily right for everyone:

        Clip it front and center at your collarbone. Run the cord coming off the belt around your side, below the armpit, across your torso, up to your center shirt buttons where it's clipped.

        Bob Hindi of Vegas Metro PD will be happy to sell you a tactical DVD telling you why it's far superior, but two biggies for me are you can use the mic without turning your head away from the subject, and it's harder for someone to strangle you with your cord (as opposed to when you run it up your back and over your shoulder).


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          Thanks everyone, I'll make sure I take everyone's input into consideration while we rewrite the SOPs and Uniform policies.
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