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    I know we had a thread a few months back on sidearms. Who here has a long weapon available? If so, what do you have? Any M-4 users out there? Maybe a Remington 870?

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    870 and carbine (AK; 7.62X39. We'll be standardizing to M-4s, ASAP).
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      When I worked security for a Govt agency we had rifles, tear gas and S&W 9 mm sub-machine guns in our cars. I used to use a 22 mini-mag with a 4 power scope on the woodchucks.
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        When I was working as civilian security for a military installation, I had an M16 (A1 lower, A2 upper), M9, M500, and M249.

        In my personal collection, I have a tricked out M4 with an Trijicon ACOG scope.

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          M4s w/ Aimpoint optics, Magpul BUIS, SureFire M500 dedicated light mounts, Magpul slings.


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            I'm currently outfitted with an Armalite AR-10 7.62 NATO duty rifle with EOTECH optics and a Benelli M-4 Tactical 12 GA shotgun with ghost ring sights and integral weapon light. --K.
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              Currently equipped with an FN F2000 Tactical with an EOTech Holographic sight and Insight Technologies tactical illuminator with integrated laser.