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  • surveillance monoculars

    I'm getting tired approaching groups of people only to find that had I used a magnifying device before the approach, it would have been safer to call police first....drugs, alcohol, fights, gangs, potential weapons, people I know are "bad to the bone"! Everyday stuff for me
    Spent some time today researching monoculars on the Net....too much out there for numerous purposes! Thought I'd ask forum memebers for any recommendations for security/enforcement use. Low light to bright conditions mostly. In vehicle use, mostly. Up to football field distance. Fit in shirt or vest pocket. No night vision stuff...budget up to $100.
    Any suggestions based on your own experience???


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    Well, we bought these, and they are great with lower light conditions...

    They are in your budget area, and for the $$, cant complain. Trust the Equipment bible when all else fails!
    Deputy Sheriff


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      Nice choice. Thanks Mall Director!


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        That's going on my wish list.
        Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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          I finally checked the link and took a look at those.

          I believe my wish list just got longer too.
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            I have a pair something like those.

            I also have an early model of the combined binos and digital camera called a BinoPic I think. 8x binos with 10x camera.

            That makes it nice in that not only did you see it but can PROVE it!

            There are larger sets out now but I do not know the prices.

            I just saw a pair today at

            My 2 cents


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              I ended up getting a compact 12X25 Bushnell. For work and off-duty use. Fits in my side cargo pant pocket. Still waiting back from my management to get approval for something better....for low light conditions.
              I see there's binos out there with automatic focusing. That would be handy.