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Why Cops are dying in their Crown Vics??

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  • Why Cops are dying in their Crown Vics??

    I just finished reviewing the IIHS crash tests for the 2006 Crown Vics. The video shows a side-impact w/o side air bags/curtains. (Apparently, this safety feature is not yet available for the CV)

    I have been puzzled for some time about why so many LEO's are killed in such a large vehicle, as seen on the ODMP web site. Now I think I get it. Watch the video and see if you agree. If someone can help me post the link, I'd appreciate it. (I'm somewhat 'challenged' in this area. )
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    The older full sized Chev caprices had plastic gas tanks that were pretty tough.
    The Crown Vics have metal ones that can rupture like crushed beer cans.
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      Its worse than that. Mount your equipment in your trunk, and it will puncture the gas tank in a rear end collision. Keep stuff in the trunk, and it becomes a missile.
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