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How do you get customers?

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  • How do you get customers?

    What are some ways that a security company can generate some business? I'm new to this whole thing and I am not sure exactly how to go about it. What has worked for you guys? I would appreciate any help you can give.

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    If you run a search on the forum using various keywords like "marketing", "advertising", "start-up", "new business", etc., you'll find that there have been a number of discussions on this topic. (Make sure you're searching for all threads, not just those in the last 30 days, etc.)

    I'm about to open a thread in this section of the forum that might be useful to you.
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      You just need to find a niche market - if it is patrols then work out how far you can travel in 12 hours, gas prices, car, insurance, etc and go from there. Personally (sorry showing the business side of me), I would not waste my time unless I knew of a market where I could make an impact or have less competitors (don't bother competion on guard services) as you start up costs will be through the roof. READ - READ - READ - really be the newbie and read as much as you can. It could take 12 months of planning or it could take 2 months of planning.
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        Selling your services

        I have been in sales for over 10 yrs. Not promoting Security Services, other services and materials.

        Learning to sell try this web-site.

        Buy the book called "The Little Red Book of Selling"

        Also what can you offer that the client that the competitor doesn’t offer?

        Use the Harris Directory or Polk Directories to find "LEADS". Then make the first call “Cold Call” either on the phone or more preferable in person….

        Most of all you must love to sell and have a real passion for selling to do well.

        Good Luck!