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  • Active Shooters: Management POV

    Blackwater USA was interviewed by Geoff (Kohl, Editor) recently. In the interview, at, Blackwater USA discusses a new Active Shooter Response course for armed security and police officers.

    So, the question is, in our current climate in security, how many companies would use this course? Not the individual guard taking the course, because there's no guarantee that the guard actually is even armed at the school he observes, but a coordinated effort to protect the facility using lethal force.
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    Well............ I think I would send my training manager and any site supervisors/shift supervisors to a course like that.

    Well if I had the money. Even if my staff is not armed, it cant hurt to be trained in how the Police may respond and to have the information to adjust it to how our force can respond. It should also give some good insite into the mind set of the AS.