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WI Security: Sirens?

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    I take offense to any person regardless of their status when they make others the brunt of their nieve knowledge. Any security officer who does his job as directed, be it observe and report only to hands on arrest, is not a joke and those who doubt the ability of these officers need only violate rules of the client to discover who is a joke
    Murphy was an optomist.


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      Back to the original questin about sirens

      A local collage ran amber lightbars with sirens. It was illegal according to vehicle codes. But the reason was simple. They needed a PA system and when all was said and done, it was cheaper than a PA airhorn set up from Whelen. Thie is the same reason that I have had a siren system (Federal Signal PA 300). PA 300 through ebay was 45.00 dollars and avaible.


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        100% agreement

        Originally posted by SecureTN
        Now I have to take a bit of offense on this one. Since when did wearing Company issued headgear, and doing your job, make you a joke? I wear what my company issues me, and I do my job, and I am a Mall Security Officer (not at Brookfield Square, Mind you), Guard, Watchman, whatever you feel is a proper term for someone in that position. I have worn "the little trooper hats" and have written Client Parking Violations, and I KNOW I am not a Cop, and I can only hope that I am not a "joke".

        If I get flamed, so be it... just my offended two cents.
        I agree. I have never had to wear the smokey the bear hats, sorry what theyt remind me of...but the officers here in the panama city mall do...and my company said hey this is the new uniform and told me I had to wear one of those hats I'd wear it...whatever your uniform looks like doesn't make you a joke...your performance as a s/o will decide if you are a good officer or a bad one...don't mean your a joke if you are a bad officer just means it may not be the work you are cut out for. I know our company weeds out the bad as much as possible. Now security investigator...think that is the guy who made the offensive comment...have you actually ever spoke to the officers at this you know what their responsibilties are that they are to perform...kind of like like we had some officers in our company that only worked construction sites...thought anyone that worked sites like where I work at condos was a joke..pasrking violations, evictions, tresspassing etc. etc. Then a few of them got transfered to these type of sites and changed their tunes as they had to do the same things they were making fun of. Like someone else posted we are all in the same field...some of us do very different things depending on the type of site we work...but we are all security officers and we should respect each other for that there are many out there THAT ARE NOT S/O'S and tend treat us as a joke and refer to us a rent-a-cop's or this was a new one to me rent-a-barney' joke on mr. security's pic by the way...I like it. when my dad was alive me and him watched the andy griffith show all the time...but I digress.POINT IS WE SHOULD RESPECT EACH OTHER AS SECURITY OFFICERS AND THE COMMON BULL**** WE ALL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. SO STOP PICKING ON NATHAN CAUSE ME MAY HAVE STUDIED A LITTLE HARDER AND LEARNED THE FACTS A LITTLE BETTER. Thank You my rant is over.


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          wow did this thread get of track.

          Went from sirens to s/o abuse and defense thereof...but hey how it goes sometimes.