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Career/company decisions (Warning long!)

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  • Career/company decisions (Warning long!)

    First off, let me reiterate that this is going to be a long post.

    I am at a critical point in my professional life and I am looking for some advice, or at least some brainstorming that may spark my own thinking.

    I am going to go fairly extensively into my background, not to brag, but to help in stimulating ideas.

    Okay, here is the situation. About seven years ago I was running a company that specialized in training security personnel (state licensing, CPR, First Aid, patrol tactics, etc.), civilian self-protection courses, and contract security command and control functions (I would hire myself out to other agencies to command tactical security teams at labor disputes). I was also teaching courses at a vocational school in their security and law enforcement program (an AA program).

    The company wasn't growing as quickly as I wanted, so I closed it down and went back to school. I completed law school and opened up a small law practice. After five years I closed up shop on the law practice. I hated practicing law. The stress of it (a different kind of stress than law enforcement or other types of business, but that is another story) was causing stress problems and I hated getting up every day to go work.

    Prior to opening my training company, I spent 9 years in military intelligence (Naval Security Group), a year as a police officer, two years in federal security, and worked a number of tactical teams at strikes and other high risk situations.

    Sorry to ramble, but all that brings me back to now. I am trying to figure out what to do next. With seven years of formal education (and the loans that go with them) I am not ready to go back to standing guard. I have been asked by an Ivy League law school to come and train their staff in the wake of the VT incident. I am very good at training, but not an expert in doing site analysis, so I am not sure if trying to expand this to other schools has a future. I have some money to invest, but not enough to start a reasonably sized guard/patrol agency. I am thinking of trying to find a "niche" in the security industry that needs to be filled, and open a small company to meet that need.
    That is how I opened my training company, but that niche seems pretty full at the moment.

    I have, however, been away from the industry for seven years. I am not quite sure what the niche might be at the moment. Any advice? Any ideas?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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    Getting into a niche is a good idea. I await to see what others say.
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      Well for one you're starting at the right place (brainstorming). Before I opened my agency, I spent four years researching, researching and more researching. I opened my company with a federal agent and together we have a very large working network. My areas are residential,retail security and training. Whereas his are executive protection, counter-terrorism, threat analysis and many other areas. With that said, just base your business on what your niche is (when you find it), and create a working network for other areas. That way you can never turn down any business that comes your way.

      PM me, if you have any additional questions..etc...
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        Although others in this forum know would know better than I, it sounds like you might be qualified to teach in a criminal justice program at a local college. It might be something to do until, as BadBoy says, you find your niche.
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          Take 10 days off, drive around, see family, read a book not related to any classes.
          About the end of those days, consider hiring a site analysis expert to train you. Then get out there and train. You may not be happy doing one thing for longer periods, so different venues may be good for you. And the Security Industry needs solid training.

          Some people wake up one morning, realize they want more, but do not have the tools you have now.

          Best of luck with your choices.
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            Thank you all for your ideas and comments. Right now I am leaning toward staying on the training end of the industry. It can be done with one or two people and I am well suited to that area. I have some concerns however, which I will address in a different thread. I hope you will check it out and share your thoughts there as well.

            David Tombleson
            Executive Security Manager
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              Originally posted by ptbeast View Post
              Thank you all for your ideas and comments. Right now I am leaning toward staying on the training end of the industry. It can be done with one or two people and I am well suited to that area. I have some concerns however, which I will address in a different thread. I hope you will check it out and share your thoughts there as well.

              I'm not sure why you opened two threads on this topic, Dave, but I responded in the other one. You might find something useful there.
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                I have read with great interest your post. I have several thoughts which I would like to share with you. If you would, PM me and we will discuss a way to communicate off this board. For a starting point, click the link below (my signature). You may email me at the address given at that site as well.
                (It is my company). Hope to hear from you soon.
                P.S. I may not be able to reply until tomorrow. But I WILL reply!!
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                  With your strong background in intellegence and law you might be able to find a niche as an investigative consultant. You could use your expertise to help corporations with highly sensitive proprietary information (hardware develpers, industry leaders, D.O.D. contractors, etc.) keep their secrets secret.
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