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Tactical Design Labs Testimonial Raises Questions

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  • Tactical Design Labs Testimonial Raises Questions

    Tactical Design Labs, a holster manufacturing company, uses a testimonial from Security Officer Margaret Chow, a Training Supervisor with Heartland Security Services in Kansas City, Missouri.

    In her testimonial about how her weapon holster performed, she illustrates a mentality that all armed security companies must manage - either through training, or through prohibition of this activity.

    A security officer is licensed to carry a firearm on the client's property, or on other property as required to perform their duties. A security company's contractual duty is to the client, not to the city or state that they reside in. Therefore, events off the property can be, and have been, successfully construed as outside the legal duty and "jurisdiction" of a security officer.

    In this harrowing tale, the security officer responded to a shots fired call off her property, used the threat of lethal force against one or more private citizens, performed a felony arrest, and searched a private conveyance during a protective sweep for weapons.

    Questions of legality, violation of civil rights, and duty to the client are raised in this situation. The client's employees, who expect that the security officer has a duty to protect them, were running in fear for their lives from a man shooting outside their property.

    The officer left the confines of her private property, and was now armed on a city sidewalk with a lethal weapon, issuing commands and pointing the lethal weapon at a subject.

    Companies should continue to stress the legal ramifications of leaving private property, and losing the "duty to protect," while recongizing that the authority to carry a firearm may be limited to the property assigned.

    While I am glad the situation de-escalated, I would be interested to know if the officer was sued under Civil Rights violations for illegal search and seizure, if she committed an unlawful detainment, and other legal ramifications of her actions.
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    Again the reasonable prudent man theory comes to the fore. Were her actions consistant with the furtherance of civil order and did she deter further violence, time being of the essence? Time and the courts will tell!
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