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  • Next level internet advertising.

    After several years away, I am opening another security company. In the interim, I was involved with an industry that did considerable internet marketing. I am wondering if anyone here, in the security industry is using the internet for direct marketing and advertising? I am not talking about a website and SEO. I am talking about Facebook advertising, landing pages, email lists, etc. If so, I would love to hear how you are going about it and what kind of success you have had.
    David Tombleson
    Executive Security Manager
    Wy'east Tactical, LLC

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    Well, I'm looking at it as a potential job seeker. If the landing page is too cluttered, I'm immediately ready to bail. Facebook is a mixed bag. For example, one company I'm interested is posts weekly photos of incidents they've responded to. All well and good, except the haters then post their comments. For a potential client, this could be a distraction. The company's response to negative comments is critical - if it comes off as unprofessional, you've lost potential clients and applicants.

    Don't discount the website, either. A company's website tells me a lot about their corporate culture (security vs. cop wannabes, for example), and their attention to detail - "First Aide certification required" tells me you don't know how to spell, and didn't have anyone review your content. I'm going to think you're sloppy, and that's not a selling point.